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Afghan black hash is a type of Hashish that is produced by the cannabis dominant strain of Indica. It is black in color on the outside and greenish inside. It possesses a very sweet and aromatic smell. It has high THC to terpene profiles. It is produced from the resinous glands of cannabis. It is sold in solid as well as a resinous form. It is sold is Afghanistan as a tradition and ritual. It is made by pressing resins by hands with continuous addition of tea or water. It tastes just like chocolate. It is very light-weighted. It has a 35-40% THC concentration. It is distinguished from other products in its texture, flavor, and smell only. buy mushroom online in usa


The taste and smell of Afghan black hash create very deep narcotic effects. It induces feelings of highness and euphoria. It produces feelings of happiness and relaxation. Medically, it is extremely helpful in treating insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.


Afghan Black hash can be through the mouth (orally). Eat very well before taking hash. It can be smoked too, by using bong, joints, vaping, etc. You should never ever overuse this hash. Otherwise, it will cause reverse effects on your health.

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