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CALI KUSH aka California kush because it is said that this plant first blossomed in California.  It is an Indica dominant strain which has a THC level of around 13% but it may vary depending upon some factors. It produces dense buds with light green colour and some bluish hues. If we talk about its taste and aroma users say it is like a citric and pine flavour with also the aroma of coffee and spices are felt underneath this balance is liked by many smokers making it on the list of their top favourites.


Users feel well rounded high after consuming some say it makes them feel couch lock effect after 4 5 shots and provides relaxation, thoughtfulness and sharp perception for a short period of time. Introverted peoples also feel the need to socialize and surrounding with people instead of sitting on the couch which makes this strain party ninja and it also contributes its benefits to medical sectors.


 This is one of the best-selected weed for smoking purpose and its recreational properties also benefit non-smokers suffering from diseases like arthritis, ADHD symptoms, pain and depression, however, excess of everything is considered bad therefore use this masterpiece with little care. 

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