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Charas hash is Hindustani (Indian) hash, that is made from the resins of the cannabis plant. Charas and hashish are the same things but one thing that distinguishes them is, hashish is prepared from dead cannabis and Charas is prepared by the resins of living cannabis plants. Its main origins are Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Those cannabis plants that grow over the mountains of Himalaya are used to make Charas. Charas comes in the market mainly in the form of balls. The main strains for making Charas are the Indica strains. It has gained importance in Indian rituals.


Charas has a high concentration of 27.5% THC, which makes it stronger than other products. It is a psychoactive drug that exerts powerful effects on the brain including hallucinations. It impacts your health too, increases your appetite, gets you better sleep. It gives you a feeling of warmness and relaxation. buy mushroom online in usa


The best way to use Charas is by smoking them. You can also mix Charas with tobacco and roll into cigarettes. Usually, Charas is smoked through “Chillum”. But it can also be smoked through pipes. You can also consume Charas by eating, but this method not usually used.

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