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Chocolope is one of the interesting products in the entire marijuana industry. It is a pure Sativa consisting of 95% Sativa and only 5% of India due to which it has a high level of THC which makes it a strong strain. Its smoky chocolate, coffee, and earthy flavor and aroma give an enticing effect and a slightly sour taste to its users making them relaxed and calm in a matter of minutes.


This chocolatey strain has shown no side effects but as it’s a hard strain it can make a beginner stoned its suitable for heavy smokers providing them many benefits like making their mood happy, energizing their mind and body, raising your inner creativeness and euphoria. it is also shown for improving Asthma conditions and reducing nervousness in peoples making it a good medicinal strain.


Chocolope is perfectly suitable for parties as it can make you stoned very easily and its chocolate fragrance makes it liked by all make joints or choose chillum and play some loud music to create a perfect atmosphere for smoking this bad boy. it’s a high maintenance crop for cultivation because it takes 10 to 12 to 14 weeks of a long time for flowering and even then it may rarely yield well.

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