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Panama Red is best explained as the icon of old-fashioned cannabis. Coming directly from Panama, this mere Sativa grew to mainstream success throughout the late 1960s attributable to its quick and powerful psychedelic-bordering effects. When cannabis cultivation progressed, Panama Red was leaving behind rapidly growing varieties as well as higher productivity, which has a long growing period that has at minimum 2 months 3 weeks. Those who vividly remember times of its popularity, nevertheless, enjoy its seamless medicinal existence and ponder its resurrection with loftiness. Should not wait to dance through nostalgia road and appreciate that journey if you can find your hands around a nostalgic throwback. 17% THC. 


The discomfort is suitable for daytime use to deal with stress and depression, or to relieve the depression’s debilitating impact. Panama Red’s moderate body-high can make certain minor aches and bruises somewhat adjustable. Often, we can help to combat obesity including bulimia. It could also be beneficial for reducing pain and discomfort to consumers.


Panama Red Medical Marijuana Continue to view: Anxiety, Pressure, Stress, Migraines, Insomnia. Pregnant women must stay far away from Marijuana consumption. Do not bring Cannabis with Alcohol. Its side effects are Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness, Paranoia. Buy at 


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