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If you’re a fan of history, you must’ve heard about the infamous Agent Orange, although Agent Orange at Green Leaf Dispensary Store. isn’t the same one, you’re thinking, its not any less impactful. With the work of genius minds at TGA Subcool Seeds by crossing Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen, it possesses a spicy orange taste that offers the mixture of Sativa Effects. 


Our Agent Orange are produced indoors with strict check on the temperature and humidity, our expert cultivators produce the very best. By regularly cutting the new growth on top of the plant for its lateral growth to be unhindered. After harvesting, our cultivators dry Agent Orange plants thoroughly and expertly take care of it during its most prone period.  


Agent Orange is known for its strong Sativa induced effects. Our Agent Orange will hit you fast and hard while you are unprepared but the sense of tranquility and contentment which follows are the strongest emotions you will experience. Agent Orange has been effective for patients seeking relief from minor infrequent pain, not mention patients with chronic migraines and fatigue who use it often.

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Here at Green Leaf Dispensary Store, we produce the most excellent and genuine Agent Orange in the market. Our Agent Orange have no comprise in its class and no one has been dissatisfied of our Agent Orange yet. Buy Agent Orange Haze online here at our website, where you find the finest and strongest of the market. With our special sale of Agent Orange, you can now buy this unique product for only 34$. THC 17%. 


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