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Don’t judge this strain by its name AK 47 is a mild product which will leave you relaxed and calm . this sativa hybrid is mixed with variants  of many countries like COLUMBIA , AFGAN , MAXICO AND THAI strains which makes it unique and different then the rest . it has a sour earthy kind of scent but again don’t judge it by its scent you will feel sweet floral aroma when you will taste . its confusing strain right but its definitely a good one and worth the trial. THC 19%.


Just like many strains it has similar effects like curing depression , anxiety , stress and leaving you in euphoric , uplifted , relaxed  state however , just like other strains it has some downsides too it can cause dry eyes , cotton mouth ,and can also cause users to feel paranoid and dizzy  some users say they feel minor headaches after using this product apart from that it brings good sleep when smoked few puffs before bedtime 


Use this strain for making joints , or cultivating as it is very good strain for cultivation but its high maintenance crop due to its smelly and odour scent cultivators will need to use methods to control the smell of this crop it is very good for smoking purposes its called one hit solution for a reason 

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