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Alaskan thunder fuck also known as ATF strain it belongs to Sativa category and it is popular for the high which is one of the best if compared with its opponent strains this is best used during the day due to its uplifting effect the buds of this strain looks like crystals with orange hairs. Its taste is similar to the kind of banana and orange and provides diesel-like scent which is liked by many people it leaves a spicy taste in the mouth for a long time even after smoking. 28% THC. 


 This is not only one of the best strains known in the world but it is popular for giving an immediate high it is proven to make you a bit more creative and social it is very helpful in treating certain diseases and medical conditions it is an excellent strain for pain relief and for patients who are suffering from anorexia just like other strains it is also helpful to cure depression, stress and social anxiety issues. 


 You can use this strain in many ways ranging from smoking to preparing herbal medicine and remedies or for cultivation purposes. This powerful strain is full of health benefits which makes it a must-try for every cannabis lover who is interested in trying something new it is a good cultivation crop that even grows in cold climates it just needs good exposure to sunlight for proper growth.

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