Asteroid OG Strain: A Mysterious OG Kush Hybrid




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The asteroid is slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain created by the breeding of OG KUSH with an unknown Indica family strain. This bud is infamous in the marijuana industry due to its high THC content of up to 30% this strain has a rich minty citric flavour and a sharp sourness on exhale which provides earthy aroma. Asteroids have rounded shape green nugs and rich amber hairs and a frosty crystal coating.


 Due to its high THC content, it provides mind-melting effects which can provide couch-lock experience to even experienced smoker’s. Its strong effects on the mind and relaxing calm feel increases dopamine making its users happy and achieve blissful feelings. The asteroid is also chosen to treat certain diseases due to its high THC content which makes it good for making medicines.


This mysterious strain is famous among cannabis smokers who loves to consume something tuff. Its powerful smoke makes it a good smoking weed capable of making one stoned in a few shots. It is best used if you are feeling depressed or stressed due to daily work pressure. It can also be used to cultivate if you have a piece of land.  

Where to buy Asteroid OG Strain Online?

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