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Bart Carts

Bart carts is a type of oil cartridge that’s made with premium oil. Although the advertisement quality was impressive, the brand itself was the reason we decided to try it. In this article, we’ll talk about the various details about this product and its THC level.

Bart Carts THC Levels

The data that we collected about this product revealed that it’s made with premium oil, and it has a range of 82% to 87% THC. Bart carts may be a recent entry in the market.

Bart Carts Flavors

As a newly-launched vape cartridge, we had a huge selection of flavors to choose from. There are a variety of strains from both Indica and sativa to hybrids.
Indica Strains:

Boss OG
Maui Wowie

Hybrid Strains:

Banana Kush
D’oh Si Do
Purple Punch
Watermelon Skittles

Sativa Strain:

Maui Wowie

Bart Carts Reviews

Before we try a cartridge, we want to make sure that the THC levels and other components are verified. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find the information about the ingredients of the Bart carts cartridges. We are trusting that the brand will provide us with the necessary information in the future.

Bart Carts Effects

Fortunately, even though the flavor was unexpected, the high it provided allowed us to feel truly relaxed. Although the high it created was of a good caliber, none of the vape cartridges produced a lot of clouds, suggesting that the oil is primarily appealing to those who don’t care about its size. While using this vape cartridge, we had a positive experience.


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