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Blue Dream is a slightly Sativa dominant strain  that has a blend of haze and blueberry strains in it  which gives you the flavour and aroma of sweet blueberry  that stays in your mouth giving its feel even after smoking these strains are bright neon green coloured with slight blueish tint and its fluffy in shape  it contains a good level of THC which ranges around 17% to 24% which gives it the perfect balance of sweetness and strong taste smoke 


According to its users, it gives the effect of uplifting head high feel which leaves  you energized, motivated and focused it even rises the creative side of yours which affects your life in a positive way it is even called as an ideal strain that is effective in treating patients suffering from chronic stress, chronic pain, illness, depression and some minor injuries and pain, sleep disorders and insomnia making it a herbal medication for many problems 


This powerful strain is perfect for smoking, medicinal and harvesting purposes it is used by heavy joint smokers, patients to treat their illness and even for cultivation by cannabis lovers. it is one of the easily harvesting strain because it grows at most of the seasons including cold winters and requires very less look after  this plant starts flowering in 9 to 10 weeks 

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