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Cracker Jack is also a very delicious bud which gives consumers the opportunity to reflect and to let go of all their troubles. This powerful weed is Canyon Collective’s brainchild and is created by mixing Jack Herer and Green Crack to produce a multi-tiered rush which is ideal for just rising and prepares. 20% THC. 


Bid farewell towards this extremely gregarious companion with anxiety and depression. It strikes you with such a quick feeling of relief and concentration, so unless you have a task that you plan to complete or perhaps an above to or do log, pick up that little crackerjack and just do it! After almost each contact experience the trippy cognitive ride. The blast of strength that washes across you would bring all that blasting of your imaginative cylinders, making this a great daytime bud.


For those suffering from the state of mind or concentration problems like anxiety, addiction, psychotic, this pressure gives you the opportunity to simplify your thinking and then let the unpleasant wither on the vine. You should feel energized, and calm, thus making it perfect for the effects of the illnesses described earlier. This is a great strain for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or acute exhaustion, because of its highly energetic nature. It is not indicated for epilepsy, insomnia, or anxiety.

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