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Fire Og is a regular marijuana plant from the BC Bud Depot seed bank, which is the mother of more than known Wifi marijuana that so much presence is currently having in US dispensaries for being one of the most potent OG kush strains and Tasty of the moment, now the mother of Wifi is available in regular seeds to be able to enjoy it for both cultivation and breeding. Buy Fire Og Weed Online. 20% THC. 

This high-quality cannabis strain has been taking shape from a large selection to find the exact phenotype that reproduces the best qualities of the original strain. This objective was fulfilled from a BX3 in which all the elements were given in a single plant, being stable in all the seeds.

Fire Og Bx3 has vigorous growth, you can be cultivated both in SCROG and in SOG or conventional cultivation although it is possible to highlight topping as a cultivation technique to optimize the production of buds.

Its flowering period is 67 days after which you can see very compact and extremely resinated buds with which you can make extractions of great quality and psychoactive power that accompanied by the original flavors of Og Kush that both sybarites like so much.


Fire Og Kush Bx3 has medicinal qualities that can help those who suffer from chronic pain, or mentally to help in the reduction of stress caused by day today, which is why it is recommended to consume it during the last hours of the day because it also helps to its users to fall asleep and whet their appetite. Buy Fire Og Indica Cannabis Strain Online

Its productions both indoors and outdoors are in the average of the Og Kush strains of the market, being of medium to high production according to the type of crop and techniques applied to it. 

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