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G-13 Haze is a special product that almost every single cannabis plant user has heard of. With multiple award-winning, G-13 Haze is known among other Sativa-dominant strains. Being the progeny of G13 and Hawaiian Haze genetics, it doesn’t leave any doubt. The aromas and flavors having a remarkable combination of citrus and grapefruit, the taste is very similar.  THC 21%.


At Green Leaf Dispensary Store., we cultivate the finest of G-13 Haze in the market, making no one doubt of its award-winning streak. With a flowering time of roughly 10 weeks, our G-13 Hazes each grow 115cm in height with large yields, making it abundant but not comprised in its unique quality.


Possessing a trustworthy daylight use, it sparks a subtle yet impactful bout of creativity while staying untroubled during work. THC levels averaging around 20%, it’s the first choice for many users. G-13 Haze is designed to be used medically, working against stress, depression, soreness, tightness in muscles, and especially headaches. Due to its enduring euphoric state, it’s an amazing cure to low mood, anxiety, and nausea. 

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Here at Green Leaf Dispensary Store, we produce the best and authentic G-13 Haze in the market. Our G-13 Haze has no comprised in its quality and no one has been disappointed with our G-13 Haze yet. Buy G-13 Haze online here at our website, where you find the best and purest of the market. With our special sale of G-13 Haze, you can now buy this unique product for only 280$.


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