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If you don’t now about Gelato strain let me do a favour and introduce it to you it  is an indica dominant strain it is famous for its delicious fruity flavours its flavour can be explained in term of citrus berry with the aroma of lavender and woody  which makes it on slightly sweeter but on stronger side if you have not tasted this bad boy yet you are missing out on a whole new level of experience. THC 19%.


As discussed earlier this is one of the strongest strain so use this hybrid with caution because it may totally blow your mind if you are a new smoker  this strain has both positive and negative side its positive effects includes relaxation , feeling happy , uplifted while negatives include dry eyes , dry mouth ,  paranoia , dizziness , headaches so use this hybrid with great care.


 This strain is mostly useful for heavy weed /marijuana smokers and hippies  due to its high THC content of around 20% it is capable of providing strong heavy feel which makes it a good hangover weed  it is also capable of curing many disease like bipolar disorder , chronic pain , fibromyalgia , loss of appetite , muscle spasms , PTSD 

Where to buy Gelato Strain Online?

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