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Girl scout cookies is a hall of fame award-winning Indica dominant strain she contains 60% of India content. Girl Scout has a tall branchy like structure with dark leafs this strain holds true to her name and tastes just like sweet and bit minty which makes it a delicious dessert for its smokers she belongs to Durban poison and OG kush family and due to its taste and benefits gained a lot of popularity among marijuana users. THC 18% ABOVE.


The effects of Girl Scout cookies are just mind-blowing, it contains high THC content and medicinal properties which makes her the favorite choice among weed smokers and patients suffering from medical conditions from soothing nerves, decreasing anxiety to treating nausea and insomnia. It’s a perfect balance of good with fun but as we know its high THC content is not recommended for newbies.


This beauty is worth a lot she has an incredible aroma and taste which makes cultivators pay the effort it requires to harvest it due to its great height its best suitable for outdoors. Use this strain to prepare best joints and enjoy an awesome high and lose yourself in nirvana. Yes, it is not a joke this thing is capable of taking you to heaven for some time. 

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