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God’s Green Crack is balanced hybrid cannabis of Indica and Sativa strains. It produces well-balanced results and colorful flowers. The leaves contain forest green dark shades and sometimes show purple color patches due to the high mass of anthocyanin pigments.  When it comes to flavor this strain ranks first among its fans. Fans of God’s Green Crush normally called it as Green Crush or simply Crush. Most cannabis users feel the pungent and spicy fragrance of God’s Green Crack strain gives a refreshing smell. The herbal component of the product improves the fragrance and gives exotic smell. THC 18%.


It gives a slighter mental high while remaining effective. After consuming, the strain gives a high head buzz effect. During that moment negative feelings disappear and boost your creativity. It uplifts your mood and produces a sense of happiness.  The effects of the strain continue to strengthen to make you feel energetic and happy. The Indica genetics of the strain balance the effect of physical body high with cerebral high thus end the user with a sense of relaxation feeling for hours.


It produces heavenly feeling after consumption, it reliefs chronic pain and it is considered as a useful product in pain alleviation. The second major use of this hybrid cannabis is relief in managing stress and depression. It is also a good option to use for people suffering from mental disorders. 

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