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This famous strain is one of the most talked hybrids in the marijuana industry due to its ultra-strong nature it has one of the highest THC content cultivators say it reaches up to 30% in THC level it contains a low level of CBD. it belongs to indica and sativa species in equal percentage (50 – 50) which gives it a balance of both worlds making it one of the most famous hybrids in the whole world. 


Due to its balance of toughness and smoothness, it gives the effect of energetic and high euphoric state and strong urge to socialize and the other side of the same coin gives you mild smooth calmness and helps in achieving quality sleep. this strain is thicker and sticky just like a strong glue, therefore, it has been given the name gorilla glue 


This strain is quite unique in its own it contains the texture, taste and properties of both worlds which makes it a must-try for every cannabis smoker so that you can feel and give your opinion on this strange strain cultivate it smoke it but do not forget this is one of the hardest strain, therefore, it’s advised to use this product in less quantity 

Where to buy Gorilla Glue Strains Online?

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