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Grape Crush (or Grape Krush) is a hybrid strain of Indica and Sativa combinations derived from the blueberry fruit and contains all the potency and flavor of blueberry including its color. The sedative and smooth effects of this eye-catching strain are long-lasting. Grape crush smokes taste herbal and when exhaled you can experience the tea-like aroma. Grape crush cannabis contains 19% of THC level on an average. It is good to use in both day and evening time because of its balanced effects.


Unlike other strains, users may experience the effects of Grape Crush after 15 minutes of consumption. It creates a happy and focused mood and sometimes sleepy feeling. The head and body effects of this strain create a euphoric and lazy sensation when using. The users of Grape Crush experience the feel of heads clearing, better capability to focus. The uplifting sensation gives users euphoric and happy feeling and also improves creative ideas. 


You can realize the present feeling of the strain only after few minutes of using. When the bud is broken you will get the sweet, pungent, chemical, grape flavor of the Grape crush strain is an effective treatment option for stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, migraine headaches, and chronic illness. 

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