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Ice hash sticks are the sticky products that are produced by marijuana by mixing it with water and then filtering it. The final product is then distilled. It is the purest Hash. It contains high amounts of 30% THC and cannabinoids. The resin on trichomes of the cannabis flowers is extracted for making them. They’re highly potent and strong. Colour ranges from dark brown from outside to light yellow from inside. They possess a soft mint flavor. dmt vape carts


Ice hash sticks have kind of sedative effects that provide you the feeling of relaxation. Since it has high THC content, a little amount can make you feel so high and good. Their smoke is less harsh, therefore it is good to make a buzz and mind relieving. Its effects are so strong that you feel sudden high very intensely.


Ice hash can be very potent and strong. It should be stored in jars for after use. It can be used in the form of balls, by smoking, by adding into food as edibles and by vaping. Finger Hash has the shelf life longer than the other strains of Indica. If used in higher amounts, they help you get to sleep.

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