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Iso Hash is prepared by the isopropyl alcohol extraction. “Qwiso” takes its name from “quick wash hash”. Isopropyl hash oil is the key product or solvent, which is extracted by cannabis plants using isopropyl alcohol (stripping process). Since this is a “quick wash” method, so the hash is washed with isopropyl alcohol quickly, because it can not be delayed. Delay in washing can result in poor quality and reduced yield. Iso Hash’s colour appears to be mild yellow with a smooth texture. Low-quality Qwiso is also produced which is greenish in colour. 


Iso hash Qwiso has high consistency. Due to their high terpene contents, Iso hash has the capability to produce the feelings of “euphoria”. It provides you with Highness and feelings of consciousness. THC is a psychoactive compound responsible for getting “high”. Once you start smoking Iso hash,  it treats insomnia and loss of appetite. 

How to Use:

 It can be consumed through vaping, smoking, dabbing, bong, pipes etc. When you smoke Iso hash, you will notice that there are no hangover effects because it is rich in THC and is solventless. The best way to use is by Dabbing, through dabbing, the concentration of terpenes can be preserved so that you can enjoy for flavour.

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