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Jedi Kush by Cali connection is the cannabis that has its origins in the cross of the thee eath star and falls 50 – 50 under both Indica / Sativa categories it’s an OG kush male. it is a medium-sized sturdy plant that grows quickly and requires very little attention the aroma of Jedi khus is acidic and fuel like which gives it intense aroma and feel of lime and spicy woody scent which makes it a strong herb. THC 18%.


 Jedi Kush is an award-winning hybrid that contains medical and recreational properties, However, individual plans may contain a high amount of THC and CBD.  It takes around 8 to 9 weeks of time to grow and harvest. This strain gives slow and crippling high which may last for a few minutes even after smoking due to its strong effects it should not be used in high doses. 


 Jedi Kush is a multipurpose hybrid it can be used for multiple purposes you can use its seed for harvesting or its herbs can be used for smoking weed and due to its medicinal properties it cures many symptoms like stress, depression, anxiety, it also gives positive effects like increased creativity among its users, provides relaxation and proven to increase focus. 

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