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Juicy Jack is a cannabis strain, Sativa dominant hybrid. Having a flowering time of 56-70 days this can be termed as the holy grail of cannabis. This has a unique blend of the tropical flavours of Juicy Fruit with the medicinal properties of Jack Herer. It has a fruity taste with a sweet berry and spiced earthy flavour. It has a dense and dried up appearance, greenish colour and a pleasant smell. Hazy IPA is a popular type in this category. This is characterized by fruity aromas of guava, peach and tangerine. It has a low THC content of 24-25%.


This induces a feeling of euphoria. It is helpful for mood uplifting. It creates a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and your throat will feel like as though you have taken some vodka shots. 

Medically it also helps in relieving chronic aches and pain, fighting fatigue and makes you revitalized. It also lowers anxiety. This can be helpful for artists; athletes and others who are want to stay productive while enjoying a full-body chill. However, increased consumption can be harmful as it may make you feel hazy.


This weed is smoked and is great for both daytime and evening usage. Novice users may consider investing in a vaporizer as it may be cough inducing. The low content of THC makes it equally popular with experienced users and newbies.

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