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Kandy Kush is mostly a type of India strain it can be cultivated indoors and can take a flowering period of around 65 to 70 days.  It is mostly available as a regular or feminized seed. Reserva Privada Kandy kush is an award-winning herb and won many awards which makes it fine quality. Then its other species this plant has slightly longer leaves and it contains THC content of around 19% this strain is extremely good and recommendable.


The effect of this strain is solid and can be categorized as the best kind of strain. It also works as a pain killer it has an earthy sweet and pungent smell it gives uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing effects on consumption. However, using it in heavy doses for a longer period of time may disturb brain normal functioning abilities. It is also called as a sweet and seductive weed.


This strain is used for a variety of purposes from cultivation to consumption in the form of smoke or even in making medicines and treating aches, pain, and stress on its consumption in the form of the joint can give its users a sense of calmness and relaxed mood. This strain does not need any extra maintenance and looks after during its flowering period.

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