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The common agreement regarding Lemon Kush or Super Lemon Haze is that this is a combination among Lemon Joy and Master Kush. Local differences to the breeder, though, occur.  Genetics is the sole field of contention because everybody accepts that lemon and citrus pleasant tastes blend incredibly fine with earthy kush undertones. The pale green flowers are coated in a white trichomes frosting and offer inspiring and artistic results. 


Ideal for performers, singers, writers, or those who want to liven up their creativity; these marijuana strain often retains the ability to convince its user, enabling minds to spread quickly and continue to flow across the brain, with the brightest thoughts lasting, before something amazing can be generated from it. Lemon Kush enhances cognitive concentration but still has a certain room, headiness, rendering it ideal for day-to-day tasks and productive and progressive household chores.


This is popular for most strong, maximum of 29% THC strains, the perception themselves generally lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Fantastic for passionate people, Lemon Kush may seem to aid brain function and thinking development, particularly those of unconventional or other kinds.

In the same period the feeling is calming, joyful, and heartwarming, also motivating or illuminating at occasions. The body vibration is somewhat mild, providing some external relief as well as intellectual stimulation and rerouting bad energy and emotions towards a more positive attitude.

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