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Lifeline Carts

lifeline carts, the newest generation of disposable vape carts are lifeline carts. The lifeline disposable carts, a state-of-the-art new product from the lifeline carts brand, is a replacement for their well-liked one-gram disposables. Customers can get 50% more of their best live pitch distillate with this 10.5 gram disposable vape for an unbeatable price.

Lifeline Carts For Sale Online – Buy Lifeline Carts Online

To buy lifeline carts online, simply go to and place your order on this wonderful THC carts and get it to your preferred location discreetly. Lifeline carts for sale online at a very cheap rate online at Smoke-bongs store

Lifeline Carts Brand

Lifeline Carts only uses cannabis flower of the highest quality from reputable growers for its oils. Some of your favorite strains are used in the company’s Sativa cartridges.

Lifeline Carts Disposable – Lifeline Carts Battery

The disposable cart from Lifeline Carts is the best option whether you need a new one or want to upgrade your current set. Batteries for Lifeline carts can be recharged but are completely disposable. The carts are properly infused with hemp-derived THC oil and natural terpenes. It is the ideal disposable vaporizer for cannabis users. The carts come in a variety of flavors and are easy to switch out.

Lifeline Carts THC Levels

Lifeline carts THC Levels are normally  high with a high potency which features:
● 96% Delta
-3.97% Terps
– Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
Lifeline Carts Flavors
Lifeline thc carts now come in a variety of flavors, including the following:

Ayahuasca Purple
Platinum OG
Sunset Sherbert (H)
Wedding Cake(H)
Blue Dream(H)
Strawberry Cough(S)
Grape Lemonade(S)
Sour Diesel(S)
Merlot OG(I)
Cali Gold(H)
Alaskan Thunder(S)
Banana OG(I)
Pineapple Express(S)

Lifeline Carts Price
Smoke-bongs offers lifeline carts at a very affordable price. Our prices ranges from $15 to whatever amount you can afford.


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