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Mataro Blue is an Indica dominant strain of cannabis seeds available in three types of strain. This Indica dominant strain is popular for its therapeutic and medicinal effects. This strain has the potential to grow either indoor or outdoor because of its medium height, sticky nature, and strong structure. The plant has very good resin, quick finishing, and produces large yield both outdoor and indoor growth. It holds 24 percentage of THC level with a sweet and fruity aroma and very popular for its flavor and potency. Mataro Blue has received the best awards many times among cannabis awards.


Though it is rich in India, it improves strong balanced effects. The cerebral and physical stimulation of this strain makes you whizzed but still motivated. The tingly and euphoric effect of this smoke is very nice that gives relaxation and excitement to your body. It gives you very good effects and recommended by most of the users for consumption.


This award-winning strain helps you to reduce problems like insomnia, restlessness, chronic illness, and uplifts your mood. It is useful for users facing psychiatric symptoms. This relaxing Indica dominant seed is suitable for meditation and relaxation. Many users feel Mataro blue seed as one of the best option to relieve from all types of illness.

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