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A potent hybrid with the breeding of unknown parent strains it has a tangy fragrance and fruity taste which gives this strain a smooth feel while inhaling it belongs to India family its buds are dense and leaves are coiled around their stems it is mossy green in colour with vibrant orange hairs it has a sweet flowery aroma with a hint of berry which makes it somewhat similar to candy hybrid.


 With its THC level of 18% to 21%, it creates a good euphoric effect giving consumers an uplifted high throughout the day it is suitable for any time whether it be day or night providing relaxation and good sleep. it also has some medical usage like curing insomnia, stress, headache, depression and injury or pain, however, if are consuming excess smoke it may cause some serious health effects, therefore, it is advised to use it in limits.


Are you tired of using same strains or do you want to try something different and new then, in my opinion, you should give it a shot it can also be used by non-smokers for treating their diseases and symptoms if its taste suits your tongue you can go ahead and cultivate at your place you just need to learn some basics of cultivation and you are good to go. 

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