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Moon Rocks also called Cannabis caviar, are one of the strongest and purified forms of Marijuana. These are basically the cannabis buds. They are manufactured by the trichomes of cannabis plants soaked in or sprayed onto the Hash oil and then rolled in kief. Kief is some kind of sticky crystals that cover the flowers of cannabis. They have 50-51% of THC content and are rich in high amounts of terpenes. They look like moon rocks, hence the name “moon rocks”. They’re strongly potent.


Moon rocks provide fragrant and pleasant smoke clouds because of kief present in them. THC is a psychoactive compound responsible for getting “high”. Once you start smoking moon rocks, it treats insomnia and loss of appetite. Moon rocks can also be used to develop tolerance in routine things. Once you start using Moon rocks, you feel cheerfulness and blissfulness. 


Moon rocks can be used to smoke. You can smoke the moon rocks in a hash bowel, joint, bubbler, or bong. Use glassware for the moon rocks because they’re a little greasy to smoke. Stay hydrated before smoking. When you use moon rocks, we get high enough to feel that you’ve reached the moon and beyond. You can also add them to edibles. 

Where to buy it? 

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