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Moroccan Primero Hash is the most widely used Hash in the market. Its origin is the cannabis plants from Morocco. Unlike other hash products, there is no THC or terpenes in it. Its colour ranges from light brown from inside to dark brown outside. It is distinguished from other products in its texture, flavour and smells only. The more the smell of Moroccan primero hash, the more strongly it has been made. It’s taste is amazing and different from all others. It has hemp like smell and texture is so soft. It also has different types like pollen or zero-zero. 


When you use Moroccan Primero Hash, you will feel a softness in your throat, getting you high. It is very amazing to keep you active and to give you strong effects. It is strongly potent. If you have anxiety issues, then it is surely made for you to provide you with relaxation and best napping. 


It can be used in various ways, but you should always consult your healthcare doctor before using Moroccan Primero Hash. You can use it either by eating them directly or by mixing into your food or edibles. But you should never overuse or misuse hash products. 

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