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Moroccan Hash is sold out in many types including pollen, sputnik and zero-zero. Moroccan hash is commercially cultivated in Morocco, from where it is transported to other countries. Their colour ranges from green from outside to brown from inside because of the colour of a cannabis plant. Their smell is usually aromatic and sweet. Taste is very flavoured and is tasty than other types of hash. Consistency depends upon the type of weed or procedure, but it seems to be pretty variable. They’re very light-weighted. All kinds of Moroccan Slate Hash differ from each other in texture and consistency. dmt vape carts


Moroccan slate hash is not so strong. It is very lightly potent and gives you the feelings of drowsiness. It has 10-11% of THC concentrations. Their smoke is less harsh, therefore it is good to make a buzz and mind relieving. Moroccan hash has a kind of sedative effects that provide you with a feeling of relaxation.

How to Use:

Since Moroccan slate hash is for medicinal purposes, it can be through the mouth (orally). Eat very well before taking hash. It can be smoked too, by using bong, joints, vaping etc. You should never ever overuse this hash.

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