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Nepalese Stick Hash is prepared just as the Temple Balls are prepared. These are cultivated by cannabis plants. Buds or flowers from the cannabis are first collected and harvested. These buds are rubbed between hands in order to obtain the resins or trichomes. The resins obtained are converted into Temple Balls. After this, the temple balls are pressed onto a thick and hard shelf or slab. 

Nepalese Stick hash possesses black color from outside and some brownish color from inside. They have almost 15-20% of THC content. These are strongly heavy and have a spicy or sweetened taste. 


Effects of Stick Hash usually depend upon the concentration of THC and resins. They tend to increase your body temperature and get you stony high even in small amounts. It is generally safe to use and its effects can be observed for 6-7 hours. These Hash sticks are best suited for those people who have to get high for an elongated time.

How to Use:

Nepalese Stick Hash is produced and manufactured in Nepal. They can be smoked, added into a pipe, added into edibles, or can be used by dabbing vaping. When Stick Hash is used by adding them into edibles, it takes about 1-2 hours to kick in your body and show effects.

Where to Buy Nepalese Stick Hash Online?

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