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Nepalese Temple Balls refer to Hashish, which is a cannabis concentrate manufactured in Nepal, and have been around us since forever. These balls produce a potent, aromatic and flavoured texture. They are prepared with Resins, which are first dried. The dried resins are then rolled upon hands. As a result of rolling, the 26.2% THC is activated and a powdery material is formed, which sticks after some time. Their colour ranges from dark brown on outside to red-brown inside. Their taste feels like a soft mint flavour. 


Temple balls are known for their good flavour, tangy taste and sticky texture. They provide you with a feeling of highness and dream-inducing sleep. The smokers that continue taking temple balls are habitual to their effects of potent high, but new smokers can take them in small amounts just for their smell and flavoured taste. Its effects are so strong that you feel sudden high very intensely.


They can be used by smoking, by adding them your edibles, by vape pens, rolling into joints and dabbing them. After exhaling the smoke, you can feel a fascinating taste in your taste buds. If it is used in lower quantities, it is strong enough to get high. If used in higher amounts, they help you get to sleep.

Where to buy?

You can make the temple balls on your own, but if you want some unique, shiny textured balls from our website As we provide you with the products at very affordable rates.


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