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Given the biological combination, both manifest itself as Sativa-dominant hybrids offering a quick burst of energy with a high attitude. Purple Crack is a fun way to boost imagination with results that vary from delicate earthy impressions of pine to fresh citrus fruit to a combination of flavors. 17% THC. 


Purple Crack is the title of two varieties produced by various breeders. Both are Sativa-Dominant for both becoming a Green Crack or Blackwater fusion combination whereas each latter pairs Green Crack and Juicy Fruit. These hungry, imaginative, mood-elevating, talkative, pine, citrus, spice with such a tease of chocolate blends are just about instantly powerful, both energetic and soothing. 


Some of the greatest things about both the Purple Crack has been its sweet, aromatic fragrance. It does have a sweet aroma of pine, though and that’s something very unusual to find. That being said, it has a nutty flavor to it. There will be no avoiding the fact that accompanying it does indeed have a slight aftertaste. What had been interesting regarding Purple Crack, though, here is that it immediately impacts you. Even though you’re going will encounter a huge boost in energy, it’s never going will be as easy as you expected.

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