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Being the progeny of two legendary strains Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream, Purple Dream is loved by many. With the bud being dark green with various streaks of dark chocolate and a light smattering of trichomes, it’s a feast for the eye. 


Purple Dream is a product by two legendary Indica cross of Granddaddy Purple and Blue dream, both of which are award-winning cannabis, Purple Dream doesn’t disappoint one. We at Green Leaf Dispensary Store. produce excellent Purple Dream outdoors under the warm light of the sun with heights of more than 8 feet each. We accurately flower our plants and take meticulous care of them.  


Anyone can imagine what kind of effects it would produce by its name, but it isn’t just that. Purple Dream propels on into a comfortable and happy place that feels imaginative and free. Medically, Purple Dream is used as a sedative that is strong enough to suppress pain and nausea but not enough to restrain you. It is a very popular product against depression, being a favorite of those who are constantly distraught with extreme stress and negative thoughts.

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Here at Green Leaf Dispensary Store, we produce the best and quality Purple Dream in the market. Our Purple Dream possesses the authentic inheritance from Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream strains. Buy Purple Dream online here at our website, where you find the best and purest of the market. With our special sale of Purple Dream, you can now buy this fabulous product for only 260$. THC 17%. 


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