Raw Garden Carts



Raw Garden Carts

Raw garden carts, modern cryogenic freezing techniques are used to create Raw Garden carts, ensuring the purity of the live cannabis plant. This method gives you a product that contains cannabis terpenes and cannabis oil that is 100% pure, whether you want the Raw Garden Indica cartridge or the more potent Raw Garden wax.

Raw Garden Vapes

Raw Garden vapes are clean, Pure and natural cannabis carefully crafted for uniformity. Cannabis is present in every garden product. – no artificial flavors or additives. Rove Carts

Raw Garden Disposables

Disposable raw garden pens are ready-to-use, high-THC pens with the pure flavor and aroma of cannabis without any additional ingredients.

Raw Garden Vape Cartridge Ingredients

Raw garden vape cartridge ingredients. All of the ingredients in Raw Garden products are cannabis; no artificial flavors or additives are used.

Buy Raw Garden Carts online

Raw garden disposables. Raw garden carts can be ordered online from mythcvapes.com with free discreet free shipping available on all products at affordable prices. Order raw garden carts online from us and enjoy our benefits today. heavy hitters carts

What is raw garden carts?

California’s best-selling and award-winning vape extracts, Raw Garden Carts are created from 100% Premium Cannabis and contain no additions, filters, or artificial flavors. We produce premium flower, concentrates for dabbing, and vape cartridges. Through an inventive method, we start with live resin and then filter out impurities like waxes, lipids, and tannins to produce Refined Live ResinTM, which is rightly titled.

Buy Raw Garden Carts online

Buy raw garden carts online. None of our products contain artificial chemicals or terpenes sourced from sources other than fresh, frozen flowers from a single source.

Raw Garden Cart Flavors

The Raw Garden’s most popular vape cart flavors are listed below.


The Haze and Chemdawg parent strains were crossed to create Chem Haze, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It has trichomes that are amber, forest green nugs, a strong earthy and sweet flavor, and an aroma with undertones of citrus, pepper, and skunk. THC content is high, averaging 18 to 20 percent. Expect a surge in inspiration and euphoria that could last for hours. Supporters of Chem Haze assert that it can treat chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.

 3 Bears OG

3 Bears OG, also known as 3 Bears Kush, is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by mating the Bear OG X Karma’s OG Cut X Triangle Kush strains. The bud has notes that are floral, earthy, sweet, and spicy. Because of its potent sedative qualities, this strain is excellent for unwinding after a stressful day. You can expect a successful beginning. The next sensations are a body tingle and euphoric bliss. When the calm finally returns, some people might become couch-locked. Its average THC content of 10 to 20% may provide relief from insomnia and muscle spasms.

Dulce Fuego
Fire OG
Lime Mojito
Sweet Diesel
Kosher Kush
RudeBoi O.G
Lychee Blossom
Surf Beast

How Raw Garden Carts is made

Planter carts. Single-source terpenes and oil are produced by Raw Garden using organic methods. No fillers, adulterants, or additions. Authentic vape cartridges are made by Raw Garden. The standards at Raw Garden are higher. It is for when you wish to expand your experience. Engage in additional action. Celebrate more. Increased relaxation We only use cannabis flowers in our goods. Raw Garden is the most reputable and popular cannabis brand because of how delicious they taste and how carefully they are tested to meet the highest quality standards.

Is Raw Garden Carts harmful?

Oil for garden vape cartridges is of excellent quality. It is an exquisite living resin that vapes smoothly and looks great. Undoubtedly among the best cartridges available. Remedy carts, in my opinion, have somewhat superior live resin oil, but because the hardware is so flimsy, Raw Garden prevails.
High potency refined live resin vape cartridges from Raw Garden are created from a single source of live resin that contains cannabis terpenes.

Raw Garden Battery

A raw garden battery the following features:

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
Rechargeable with USB Adapter
Raw Garden™ Branded Battery Kit
510 thread / Inhale Activated
Raw Garden Carts Price

Raw garden carts price differs from who or where you are buying from. But on MyTHCVAPES.COM our Raw garden price starts from $30 with free discreet shipping available.


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