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Skittles Marijuana Strain is the new sweetest Cannabis strain from the Fast Buds Californian seed bank. Thanks to the genetic crossing of the Skittles Marijuana Strain with varieties, we can now enjoy this breed in its auto-flowering version. The highlight of this variety is its performance and sweet and exquisite taste, which will delight the sweet tooth. As well as its super production of pollen and high concentrations of 20% THC, as usual in varieties developed by breeders of Fast Buds. Buy Skittles Marijuana Strain Weed Online.


Skittles Marijuana Strain Auto has a sweet and deeply fruity taste. Within this category, we would frame this marijuana as very sweet and with an exquisite and dense taste. Being is one of the varieties of Cannabis that can remember the goodies, hence its name, like the mythical Skittles candies. During your tasting, we will experience flavors reminiscent of chocolate and caramel. It is a deeply aromatic variety that will flood the room with exquisite scents.


Buy  Marijuana Strain Online here. The  Skittles Marijuana Strain is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa with very high concentrations of THC and low CBD. Despite its hybrid base, it is predominantly Indica, and this will be noticed in its effects. In this way, we can use it as much as to go out at night with friends or to be anesthetized on the sofa. The balance obtained in its composition will generate the right balance between Sativa and the relaxing effects of Indica.

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