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Big Skunk Korean is an unknown ordinary fusion strain. Its title suggests a crossover among common Major Bud and Skunk varieties, however, the “Korean” referred to though is somewhat of a puzzle. Free trade has, of course, driven the cross-breeding and creation of exotic dwarf varieties to locations that far-flung as Thailand and South Africa and while cannabis may have developed feral on both the Korean peninsula for decades, there will be no proof of a healthy Korean backcross variety gaining traction in the west. Amid this hereditary mystery, Big Skunk Korean followers understand its distinct flavor and Sativa-leaning effects. 18% THC. 


Big Skunk Korean seeds are usually broad and spicy oak, similar to that of their potential parental Big Bud. Leaves could involve certain purple coloring, a feature which is noticeable in Peppermint stress. Throughout the preserved seeds, peoples have reported a predominantly aromatic, medicinal scent, with a few odorous hash and skunk found after crushing.


Its ultimate benefit is a heavy head elevated, which progressively progresses into restlessness and uncertainty. Often notable is a strong head high, but not strong sufficient for immobilization. This is a pleasant pressure for personal and daytime usage, promoting calm and emotionality. 

Big Skunk Korean is also an Indica-leaning variety with Sativa results predominant. It causes a strong head up high with such a couch lock having limited possibilities. 

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