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How to Buy Authentic White Runtz Online

A special combination of Zkittlez and Gelato, White Runtz was once one of the hottest strains in California and Europe. With its saccharine and tangy flavor complemented by the smooth smoke, its no wonder why it was one of the hottest strains in the market. Runtz obtains its name from its colorful appearance beyond the green to various hues of blue and purple once you set your eyes upon it and its sweet flavor.


A cannabis plant grown from its source comes in two types, a male and a female. White Runtz is a special product that is produced when the male fertilizes the female. This produces what is called a ‘Hybrid’ because it includes the characteristics of both female and male. Where once it was the hottest type in the market, now its but an uncommon and gentle stumble. 


This unique product gives the largest impact on stress, making it vanish like never. From the retreat of gloomy feelings of despair and frustration, it comes with the subtle sense of pure bliss, happiness, positivity, and peace. 

Buy Authentic White Runtz Online

Here at Green Leaf Dispensary Store, we produce the purest and best White Runtz in the market. Our White Runtz includes the special pedigree of Indica Strains and Cannabis Sativa strains. Buy White Runtz online here at our website, where you find the best and purest of the market. With our special sale of White Runtz, you can now buy this rare product made of a distinctive fusion of Zkittlez and Gelato for only 295$.


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